Pipes & Fittings Tanks Box Filter Copyright 2012, sonalgroupindia.com All rights reserved. Site Designed and maintained by SSIT Alibag  Gratings Scrubber FRP Cabin We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer of Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Products. Small enough to care for the individual customer but large enough to manage the tallest order. Not more words to describe the firm,  but at SEPF, it's the underlying philosophy as well. A company introduced in 1992 with the concept to offer complete solution of corrosion problem often raised in chemical & allied  industries. FROM the Desk of : Managing Director India is on its way to accelerate industrial and economic development to achieve higher GDP growth. Infrastructure development is the  key to achieving the desired growth. Despite making some outstanding strides in the past, existing infrastructure. both in trems of  quality and quantity is grosslt ineduquate and needs rapid ungradation and expansion as even foreign investment decisions are highly  influenced by adequate, reliable and efficient infrastucture support, which is the most urgent need to meet the challenges of  globalization.        In the following pages you will see some of the products designed & manufactured by SEPF We assure that we will spare no extra  effort to make you a truly satisfied customer. AN ISO 9001:2015 Company